Artwork from Dan Rawlings

Nature Delivers

Commissioned by Kendal Calling and Walk the Plank for Lost Eden (financially supported by Arts Council England)

I was commissioned to build a sculpture for the 2015 Lost Eden section of Kendal Calling festival in the lake district.
I chose to use a ford transit van as my medium, It’s an instantly recognisable shape that exemplifies the speed and momentum of modern life (the back bone of Britain by it’s own admission) I chose to subvert this symbol in order to demonstrate (or rather illustrate) natures ability to reclaim even the strongest of materials. Ultimately trying to offer a glimpse into an alternate future, an Eden where nature has the upper hand.

Sadly i lost a lot of my photos (always back up your data) including all the construction pics from the van and a lot from the festival, I saved the uncut image of the van from instagram..