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Clomid is used for treating female infertility.

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Where can i buy clomid australia anon253630 Post 49 i got taken off clomid and went on the clomiphene citrate (a pill that is taken every four hours that blocks the pituitary gland). i was extremely depressed and wanted to take my own life. i was very unhappy. im going to get my clomid refilled next week. i started with the refills had previous year, and i was able to maintain the same dosage as before. now about two months later i started noticing a slight difference in my energy. mood started to lift up, and after some research i found this link: was told that my mood would be affected for a short period and will return to normal after a few months. about 3 months i noticed that my energy and mood returned to normal. i can't wait get my refill, and i will probably go back on both clomid with and without the citra. view entire post anon246433 Post 48 I'm 16 and a student majoring in psychology. I had been having a serious case of depression. I can now read a book week and my mental state is better than it's been all my life. I had first panic attack on March 30, 2006 just two days after taking clomid and the symptoms lasted a few hours, but I'm only getting worse. If I ever miss clomid again, the first panic attack I'll die. anon235451 Post 47 My husband took it for depression. He told me felt like it was making him more depressed. He said stopped taking it to get back who he used to be. I feel like one of those people who has been cured of a disease, not necessarily cured of the disease itself. He said it's just "feeling better." And he said it's like a medication that helps him relax and get some energy, but doesn't make him feel better. anon223369 Post 45 If anyone is considering taking it and has a history of mental illness or suicidal thoughts, you're probably going to be doing more harm than good. Clomid is an anti-depressant that will increase both your feelings of hopelessness and suicidal where can i get clomid to buy thoughts. You'll also be in a state of heightened euphoria which will not Jail sentence for drug trafficking in canada help you cope with what's going to be a life-threatening event. You can read more about the dangers of Clomid here (and here). If you want to try for that 10% of the population who is at extreme risk of hurting themselves, it's an option, but you should never, ever choose it over the more proven alternative of talking it out. Don't Clomid 25mg $69.44 - $0.58 Per pill take for granted. It isn't safe to take as a first choice treatment option. anon213371 Post 44 When I had severe depression and suicidal thoughts, Clomid Luvox both worked wonders. However recently, they both stopped working, and I just now started where can i buy clomid tablets doing research. Before Clomid and Luvox, I would be in a state of total, complete bliss. Now, I feel the same way always have, but no longer enjoying it. I was going to have an anxiety attack today because I don't know what's going to happen. I never even saw this coming and I felt so much better. would recommend Clomid and Luvox over any of the other types.

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