Artwork from Dan Rawlings


Photo by Nika Kramer

Dan Rawlings is a contemporary British artist born in Watford in 1979, he grew up in Essex and currently lives and works in Gloucestershire.

A sympathy for unloved and forgotten relics and a fascination with nature’s resilience have inspired him to create visions of a world where man’s impact is being slowly reclaimed by nature. Dan considers no technique or substrate out of bounds in achieving his intended results but is probably best know for his manipulation of metal and light, conceived with intricate hand-plasma cutting. Recently he has been introducing sign painting and motion to his works.

Notable projects include the sculpture ‘nature delivers’ based on the wreckage of a ford transit van or ‘Short Haul’ an elaborately hand cut light aircraft shown at the Urban Nation museum in Berlin during the 2019 Biennale. His signature works cut from vintage hand saws and street signage can be found in collections around the world.