Nature Delivers

Nature Delivers… commissioned by Kendal Calling and Walk the Plank for Lost Eden (financially supported by Arts Council England)


I was commissioned to take part in the Lost Eden section of this years Kendal Calling music festival in the lake district. The area was an amazing collection of sculptures, installations, stages and wondering performers spread through a large area of woodland connecting to the main area of the festival. It was a pleasure to be part of, and really fun to wonder around during the festival.

I chose to use a ford transit van as my medium, It’s an instantly recognisable shape that exemplifies the speed and momentum of modern life (the back bone of Britain by it’s own admission) I chose to subvert this symbol in order to demonstrate (or rather illustrate) natures ability to reclaim even the strongest of materials. Ultimately trying to offer a glimpse into an alternate future, an Eden where nature has the upper hand.

More details of the other work on show is available through the kendal calling website or by searching #losteden.

Thanks to everyone at Kendal Calling, Walk the plank and Arts Council England. Extra thanks to everyone who helped push the van through the mud. Holly, Tom, David, Caiso, John Pearson, Mick Stephenson and your respective crews many thanks! (and thankyou Matt for putting up with my relentless electrical questioning)