Art on a postcard

Im really pleased to be taking part in the art on a postcard show at this years Moniker art fair in london.

I’ve copied some text from their website below,


We are looking forward to our first year at Moniker Art Fair  at The Old Truman Building in Brick Lane.

We will have two hundred original postcard size artworks. Contributors will be artists represented by the galleries taking part at Moniker Art Fair and The Other Art Fair as well as a few hand picked, collectable artists. Postcards will only be available via a £50 lottery ticket. On the Sunday of the art fair the lottery tickets will be matched to the cards and people will find out which card they have won.

We have some extremely interesting and collectable artists taking part including Michael Craig Martin, Bob and Roberta Smith RADavid Shrigley, Harland Miller, Gavin Turk, Peter Blake, Chantal Joffe, Stephen Chambers RA and John Wragg RA  as well as great emerging talent including George Little and Jessica Charleston as well as urban artists Pure Evil and Ben Eine.

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