Artwork from Dan Rawlings


I try to create images that remind people of the moments when everything seems possible and free; times when climbing a tree, or sitting admiring the way its branches twist and curl means nothing, but means everything.

I enjoy using sentimental objects such as old tools and farm equipment, they bring to mind a time when things were simpler, not easier, but the concerns of everyday people were fundamental and shared. Commercialism may provide a distraction or a goal we can use to give our lives meaning, but it drives a notion of self importance which is detrimental to growth. Real experiences are often disregarded in favour or material possessions.
The really important things in life tend to get pushed aside and ignored in the rush, but like wild flowers growing up through cracks in the pavement, they have incredible persistance;  a great deal of hope and positivity can be taken from stopping to admire them once in a while.

Enjoy what you love, because life is so much bigger than us.