60 days of summer . .


London City Nights.com Covered the Curious Duke group show “60 days of summer” They gave a great review, and said some very kind things about my work..

“What most jumped off the walls at me here was Dan Rawling’s Building the Den 01 & 02. These are antique wood saws that’ve been assaulted with a plasma cutter, forestry scenes being carved from the sheet metal of the saws.  First and foremost they are beautiful, intricate objects; the worn sturdiness and weight of the saw contrasting perfectly against the detail of the design upon them.  The minute gaps beetween the leaves of the branches are a sight to behold – organic chaos in flat metal.  But there’s also a playful humour in action here – a hall of mirrors effect in which the very thing the saw is meant to destroy is outlined in such beauty.”

You can read the full review here.